Sustaining Our Creativity: A Mid-Fall Gathering

Regular Price: $300.00
Early Bird Price: $250.00

A Mid-Fall Gathering
October 13 and 14, 2018


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This two-day workshop is for creative people who:
1) love to take a break from creating now and then to talk with others about creativity
2) have had to learn to receive inspiration and create with and through everything life throws at us, including through pain so deep that we aren’t sure that we will survive or that we even want to, and
3) get off track, get stressed out, panic, worry that what they’re creating is crap, and need community help with recognizing that even when off track, we’re still where we’re supposed to be

We’re not lecturers, we’re working artists: one photographer/photography educator and one poet/essayist/author. Daniel most loves to take pictures and tell stories, explore alternative and old processes, and look at and discuss art. Lori most loves to show up as a guest of a whole place (like an island or a beach or a city), listen closely, live surprising stories, and stumble upon deeper, hidden wonder as she writes or talks with friends and strangers. Both of us love to host and create with others. So, if you want two days of lecture, this is not the place for you. This workshop will lean heavily on messy and imperfect art creation, individual reflection exercises, and small-group and whole-group discussions.

We’ll provide a light breakfast, drinks, and an afternoon snack. To reenergize at lunchtime, plan to bring your own lunch and camp out somewhere entirely on your own on the property or to walk down into Langley with others for lunch (a 5-block walk that always involves some combination of the following creativity sustainers: bunnies, donkeys, deer, picking blackberries, swinging on swings, looking at the ocean, and playing video games at the local arcade).