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Silly Dog Studios is a working artist space: part photography studio, part writer’s studio, part well-listened-to wilderness, and part workshop/classroom space for people expanding their own creativity and their creative community like we are. Silly Dog Studios is also our home. The light and dark are different here. More noticed. More understood. More celebrated. People who visit here tend to feel that way too. There’s a magic here. We didn’t make it. We were drawn to it too. Apparently somewhat serendipitously, like you.

We named our studio, home, and business for Australian Shepherd/goof ball/dog wonder, Eva (aka, Eva Louise Jellybean, aka, Eva KaneEvil, aka, Eva Louise Hypotenuse, aka, Eva Las Vegas), our playfulness muse. Three cats too awesome for mere words also share the house and writing studio space: Bella, Batman, and Joey Big Paws. The two primary people behind the silly dog are photographer and popular instructor and podcaster (The Perceptive Photographer), Daniel Gregory and poet, essayist, and author of eight wonder-filled books, Lori Kane. Here in Langley, we’re most commonly known as “Eva’s parents.” Lori and Daniel are primary space holders at Silly Dog most days (aka, scheduling and coordinating workshops; fielding questions about the space, the town, and the island; hosting others; and leading exploring, creating, gardening, and cooking activities).

A few words from Eva…

Hello, welcome to my studios! We love company. Love community. Love dog treats. When you come here, I’ll most likely wiggle, circle spin and bark. Those are barks of welcome and joy!

About the space and us

Daniel’s space is a working photographer’s studio with full dark room, ample room to spread out huge prints, a bunch of kick-ass printers, great and flexible light, tiny kitchen, an uncountable number of gadgets and photography books, and a comfy couch and chair. In addition to teaching small group workshops here at Silly Dog, he also teaches photography in Seattle at PCNW, online through Creative Live and KelbyOne, and around the country as invited, most recently at Photoshop World in Florida. He also mentors other photographers. Daniel loves learning and teaching very old photo processes/equipment/techniques as well as combining the best of the new with the best of the old. His photography work can be found here: danieljgregory.com. He also graciously serves as the Silly Dog Studios IT department.

Lori’s space starts in the Brakenwood forest to the east, moves through a writer’s studio full of books, desks, cats, gifts from friends, discarded drafts and views of the chattiest trees, and ends in the neighbor’s tree tops to the west, the duck pond and field of donkeys to the south, and the sea to the north. An essayist, poet, and empath, she’s finishing her eighth creative non-fiction book, called Unshaken Wonder: Becoming Playful Elders Together, this spring (collectiveself.com/books). Lori is a community story wrangler, and her books–even her poetry books–are full of community stories. She’s the founder of Seattle’s popular Collective Self Coworking (2012-2015), co-founder of popular neighborhood event Hopscotch CD–1.8 Miles of Fun! in Seattle’s Central District, and co-founder of the Bayview writer’s coworking space (2015-2016). Lori welcomes other writers, poets, and creators of all kinds to pop by to visit Silly Dog Studios, relax in the yard, play with Eva and the cats, or spend time working and reimagining the world at the kitchen table.

We are surrounded and supported by a host of others here. Our friends, family, communities, and kind human neighbors, yes. And the voices of those who came before us. Plus, we share the larger Silly Dog space with thousands of plants and trees (including a beautiful dead tree still dancing and teaming with life); a raccoon family; several deer families; a triad of stellar jays; two pair of flickers; a pair of doves; a squirrel mom and her four Eva-taunting kids; passing-through robins and dozens of tiny others; a gaggle of in-fighting hummingbirds; a mouse family who we’re trying to convince not to eat our car wiring for their sake as much as ours; plus neighbor ducks, heron, donkeys, dogs, and eagles; duck pond; stream; and dark starry sky. Everyone and everything here welcomes your playful, gentle presence.

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