Front Yard Makers Markets! Woo hoo!

Welcome to our 2022 Makers Markets!

Market Location

Silly Dog Studios at 4683 Tompkins Road, Langley on Whidbey Island, WA, USA. Corner of Saratoga & Tompkins. Just outside the west edge of downtown Langley, two long blocks west up Saratoga, past The Machine Shop and St. Huberts Catholic Church. From Langley, if you reach the Chocolate Flower Farm, stop there–they’re awesome–then come back one block to find us.

Market Dates & Times

In 2022, our front yard makers markets are from 11 am to 3 pm on the 3rd weekend of the month from June to November. Join us in the front yard on these Saturdays and Sundays: June 18 & 19, July 16 & 17, August 20 & 21, September 17 & 18, October 15 & 16 and inside on November 19 & 20.

Market Vendors (2022)

We’re looking for vendors! Friends, please spread the word if you know anyone on (or very near) Whidbey looking to build community and sell their beloved wares at a fun, small-but-mighty local makers market.

We shoot for having between 3 and 8 vendors each month. Here are some of the folks you may see at one or more of our front-yard makers markets this year:

Will & Sarah of @hoffeltco – art and homewares – pottery, paintings, prints, & embroidery kits

Thomas of @chefintheblackbandana – fresh, handmade pasta

Laura of @gypsysoul_bylaura – handmade jewelry, wired jewelry, gemstone jewelry, and gemstone accessories

Anne of @pandachronicle – adorably opinionated needle-felted creatures. Definitely pandas. A little birdie told me that bunnies are in the works too. Anne’s a remarkable painter, too. In Langley her paintings can be found at the Rob Schouten Gallery.

Jamie of @watercolorwhidbey – watercolor paintings of Whidbey and the Salish sea

Morgan of @danielrydockgoods – locally made ceramics and the most adorable barnacle mugs I’ve ever seen

Daniel of @dangregphoto – fine art photography

Lori of @sillydogstudios (soon to be Ritual Mischief — new name for my herbal business–coming soon–waah!) – Emotional & spiritual self-care offerings made with local plants and trees to support our community’s wellbeing and deepening of relationships with this place (aka, local-plant infused lotion bars, shampoo bars, sleep and dream pillows, balms and salves, soaps, lip balms, dog shampoo bars, and more)

Gina of @gwhitecreativebee – always a surprise! For past markets Gina’s brought hand-woven scarves, hand-poured candles, handmade soaps and bath bombs, hand-crafted bracelets, and mask sprays.

Parking & Accessibility

Park in the open lot just past our driveway. If you can’t walk half a block up a slight incline or you have other mobility needs, you’re welcome to park in the driveway itself to be closer to the vendors. If you enjoy a 3-block walk or ride, you can also easily walk or bike to our place from Langley and we encourage that! All buses on Whidbey Island are free, too, because the women here are total bad asses and have been for a very long time. Yay buses and bad ass women! This event happens in the front yard of our home/studios, which is flat and half concrete, half solid ground/grass, in rural Island county. We do our very best to make it accessible to anyone who wants to visit. And, because we’re working makers/artists who aren’t wealthy and this is our home, it’s lovely but not perfect. If you have accessibility concerns, text or call Lori.

Lori’s new (2021) studio
Lori’s first offerings at our 2020 outdoor market
Cora’s hoping a dog-treat-making vendor will join us soon! Spread the word!
Lori and Daniel's faces, to show who we are.
Daniel & Lori, rocking their do-it-yourself pandemic haircuts

Prepping for past markets…

About Us as a Venue

  • Small but mighty – A warm, welcoming, not fancy, come-as-you-are venue. Always a work in progress here. Eight vendors max.
  • Community run – Run by us (Lori – herbalist/essayist/poet/space host/mischief maker and Daniel – photographer/teacher/mentor/IT support/Sci Fi geek) and by all who show up as friends and vendors. Guided by the wise women of Whidbey, the 27 trees on our board of directors, two silly dogs, two friendly cats, our ancestors, and the weather. Papa Jim, Lori’s dad, makes cookies for many of the markets.
  • Fun, mischievous, & reverent – Supported by the hilarious and wise trees and plants here, we enjoy having fun, building community, honoring the place we’re in, selling things we made & love, eating cookies, and listening to the land. We tend to draw similar folks as vendors and visitors.
  • A place for most I-don’t-seem-to-fit-elsewhere’s – Great venue for people who, like Lori, enjoy being around others who create different things than they do–now and then–yet don’t find being a vendor or shopper at the really large venues enjoyable and/or affordable (sometimes but often not). Also great for those who deeply love the land, the local, the Langley, other creators, and small (really really small) businesses. Good place to try selling for the first time or for getting yourself together before trying larger markets in the area. Good place for those burned out by travelling off-island to sell their wares–a place to refill your energy well. Good place for empaths. Good place for getting your name out in front of more people so more people learn where your farm stand is or your products are sold. Great place for those who need occasional reminders about why they left the corporate world for the wild world of making what you love and re-learning your own flexibility to make what your community actually needs right now. Reach out to Lori if you’d like to be a vendor. I have a glorious 4-page vendor Info Sheet that I’m so proud of.
  • Money isn’t a barrier here – No fee to join as a vendor. No set number of days you need to be here as a vendor. Always one FREE GIFTS table for those who love to come to markets (visitors or vendors) but don’t have much, or any, money to spend this month. Vendors can contribute to the free gifts table, or not, as they wish. Vendors are welcome to sell here, barter here with other vendors, and gift here as you choose. We may put a donations basket on the gifts table to raise money for deeply loved people, organizations, and causes on or near Whidbey.
  • Covid 19 – Our family is fully vax’d and boosted to stop the spread of Covid 19–we’ve seen the remarkable power of the vax in Mom’s memory care home. In early May of 2022 after 2 1/2 years of taking precautions, Lori got Covid anyway. So she’s back to wearing a mask whenever people approach her studio. As a venue, the makers market is outside June – October except for Lori’s studio, where we open windows wide. We follow Langley local practice and state guidance and mandates. Currently, that means we encourage 1) loving your neighbors (even the grouchy ones) whenever possible, 2) speaking up for your needs–whatever they are–and being courageous enough to listen to others needs, too, as part of making a place feel safe and welcoming for everyone, 3) physical (sometimes called social) distancing when possible, 4) mask wearing (especially inside), 5) hand washing regularly, and 6) vaccinations/boosters when possible to protect those most at risk. We don’t require any of these things here at the moment, except loving your neighbors. Vendors are encouraged to make their own spaces feel safe to them and may have their own rules within their spaces. Most vendors are outside under tents June – October. We will make a decision as a group about mask wearing for the indoor November market. Like most things in life, these guidelines may change at a moment’s notice and you’ll just need to roll with it. You will be loved here pretty much no matter what you wear on your face, head, or body (symbols and words of hate & intimidation aren’t acceptable).