Connecting with your work: An introspective look at photography


Join us for a one-day workshop to explore what it means to create more meaningful work.
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Feb 23, 2019

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With all of the photographs being created, each of us still produces unique photographs every day. Yet for all the work we create, for many of us we struggle to find how to create more interesting and engaging work. Our day together focuses no so much on the external tools of photography but rather on the internal aspects. What drives us to create our work? How do we express our own place in the world through the camera? This isn’t a workshop for f/stops, ISOs or shutter speeds. It is more about what happens to us before, durning and after the click of the shutter.

Topic include:
What photography?
Why do some photographs resonate while others don’t?
What matters to me when I photograph something?
What happens when I feel like I can’t make a photograph?

All of us at some point struggle to create and connect with our work. This workshop is a chance to explore how to approach our everyday life in photography.