A Mystic Routine

Be changed by wonder. Hold grief together. Notice a whole world to lean on.
Rest and repeat. 

Are These Activity Books for Me?

These books exist to remind you what it feels like to be who you really are and who you really want to be today–both loved, and loving, no matter how bad things get or how real you must be with yourself or others. They were created by people in love with their community, for people we love, and they contain the wisdom of our entire local and global community. People in our community who are feeling what we often feel… tired, confused, grief and loss, angry, happy (and like you shouldn’t be happy right now), helpless, frustrated, way behind (and that you’ll never catch back up), anxious, guilty, unforgiving (and ashamed of that), wounded/hurt (and like you shouldn’t feel that way either), foolish, that you’ll never be enough, full of rage and disgust at injustice, and like you want to do something to make a change but you’re not sure what your next step should be. 

There are other wonderful books out there that center on anti-racism, systems change, and climate change. If that’s where you need to start today, start there now. Go find those amazing people and their wonderful books, threads, podcasts, interviews, and blogs. Our activity books will still be here when you find yourself in need of rest and regrouping. The Mystic Routine activity books center on you, drawing you in to rest, breathe, relax, move, and deeply notice… where you find rest, where you end up when you have time to just wander, what you do that actually brings joy, who your people are, who and what you naturally lean on, what you really feel, where you haven’t been listening well, where you’ve been over listening, what you totally rock at, what your body and ancestors and non-human neighbors have to say, and who or what you need to learn with next. They’re a window into you, and into the wonder that is always present deep within us. Even today–when we’re overwhelmed by global pandemic, senseless violence and death, lack of faith in public servants and neighbors, billionaires and white supremacists shredding the world to bits with little apparent consequence, climate rapidly changing, what feels like half the planet sick or out of work and hungry, health care systems faltering, family driving you crazy at home, not being able to visit or touch so many we love, and everything else happening just today

If any of that sounds like you, then one or all eight of these activity books (downloadable PDF eBooks) are for your tired, grieving, swamped, and remarkably wonderful self. They hold essays and short stories, conversations, questions, games, poems, beautiful images, and open space for you to rest in. They gently invite you to move, breathe, wonder, rest, remember, create, do nothing, and share, as you’d like. If you’re up for some lovely moments of rest and of wandering, pick an activity book that calls to you and jump in. Or move through them in order. Sometimes a little order is nice during times of transition, loss, chaos, exhaustion, or when facing all of the above. Too many of us still feel like we must face so much alone. Wonder changes that…

Having Beautiful Conversations, Every Damn Day. Following our curiosity to notice and have life-changing and energy-restoring conversations, no matter where we are.

Price $10.00 USD

Creating Time for Spontaneous Play and Game Creation. Following our own body’s call–and our children’s call–to diverge from the plan, play, and delight in this world.

Price $10.00 USD

Naming Our Hidden Powers and Using Them for the Common Good. Exploring our individual powers and community superpowers. Wow, does the world need people to notice, name, and use theirs right now!

Price $10.00 USD

Staying With Emotions. Embracing our selves as sensitive beings. My people aren’t great at this. I’ve spent my adult life learning and have a lifetime of learning left to do. There are so many benefits to learning to stay with emotions. Regularly encountering wonder, trusting playfulness and rage, and howling and resting within grief are some of them.

Price $10.00 USD

Listening to the Voice of a Whole Place. For those who love to listen widely. We may, at times, over listen to the human world and under listen to the rest of it. Wonder is so much closer than most people think. At least in my culture. Well, at least in me.

Price $10.00 USD

Thriving as Overlapping Circles of Friends. Even during global pandemics that keep many of us at wide physical distances, we can deepen friendships and celebrate friendship and help each other across communities. Oh yeah. I’d almost forgotten. We are a wonder!

Price $10.00 USD

Pulling Down Our Old Walls and Boundaries. Want to change a mind? Try starting with yours and consider starting with wonder. Struggling to start there on your own? Then start here and together.

Price $10.00 USD

Unlearning Big Things. The work of playful adults and elders–holding on to what matters most and letting go of the stale beliefs, ideas, and ways of being that got us here and are no longer needed in the same way. Warning: I let my researcher flag fly in this one. Looks deeply into what unlearning is, how it happens within people, and the flood of learning that often happens on the other side. This one takes the ability to focus for one-hour chunks of time.

Price $10.00 USD

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About Us

We’ve been learning about the daily, weekly, and seasonal routines of playful elders and everyday mystics (wonder-loving parents, farmers, trees, wise women, children, healers, teachers, artists, animals, musicians, store employees, and so on) for decades now. We define mystics as people who go all-in on wonder and all-in with those present: most days. Because we see that most mystics are regular people, holding a planet of grief, pain, and responsibilities: people who somehow still find and create more wonder in their lives and in the lives of others. We’ve also learned that to find daily wonder and awe—which bring with them new energy and possibilities to us and those we love—in a lasting way, that we had to shift our daily and weekly routines a little bit. These little shifts surfaced more wonder and energy, different possibilities, and eventually, more shifts in our routines—so now we’re finding moments of wonder with almost everyone we meet and noticing that this is what most humans actually want to leave for future generations: wide open spaces and places where we feel welcome to wander, wonder, and play!

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